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Trying to get heard in the modern world of communications can be a tricky business, with social and traditional media becoming evermore crowded spaces. Newspapers often only give a snapshot of one’s true motives. As such, welcome to my blog, which I will use as an opportunity to share some of the insights I’ve gathered since founding Kusto Group in the early 2000s and operating in the complex business environment that was post-Soviet Kazakhstan. This is where you will find my news and views, ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’ as the old saying goes.

Recently, I’ve been writing about corporate culture, education and economic development. These and many other topics will become to focus of this blogs section in the coming weeks and months. High Tech Academy in Almaty, which opened its doors towards the end of last year, represents a particular passion of mine. Project Based Learning, which I was privileged to witness first hand in San Diego, offers a golden opportunity to equip future generations with the skills the need for a radically different working environment than what we have now.

Entrepreneurship, and how to support a daring and bold group of entrepreneurs in establishing successful business, which look beyond their borders is another major interest of mine. I hope that as someone who took my business from a small town in my native Kazakhstan to 10 countries across the globe, I will have some insights to share.

Please keep an eye on this website for updates, news and views and I look forward to continuing the conversation with you all soon.

Thank you for visiting my page.