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3 months from now, some of the world’s best classical music will arrive in Eastern Georgia. The Tsinandali Festival of Classical Music will, almost overnight, become one of the country’s highest profile music events. From the beginning, alongside the estate and festival teams, we have sought to make this a truly unique experience for both the musicians and visitors. In September 2019, that vision will become a reality, which is something I find very exciting.

So what can visitors expect upon their arrival? For the main event, the redeveloped estate includes a 1,200-person amphitheatre, which was first inaugurated by renowned maestro, Zubin Metha and the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. Alongside a 600-person Chamber Music Hall, they will play host to the festival’s music stars. These two venues will be at the heart of what I hope will one day be a leading fixture on the classical music calendar.

Beyond the music, visitors will have the beauty of this historical estate to explore. The museum housed in Prince Alexander Chavchavadze’s palace, a stunning building combining Georgian and European architectural styles, offers over 100 exhibits that have been fully restored. This offers a reminder that Tsinandali is truly special not only because of what its future holds, but what its past can teach us.

However, of all of the festival and estate’s many great qualities, the promotion of young musical talent is perhaps the greatest of all. This September will see the best violinists, pianists and more from across the region come together for the inaugural performance of the Pan-Caucasian Youth Symphony. Young Kazakhs will play alongside Young Georgians, Ukrainians, Turks and others, in what I hope will prove to be the festival’s enduring legacy of empowering young talent.

I am pleased to be able to reveal the nine winners* who will participate in the PCYO, which includes 5 violinists, 3 horn players and one double bass player. Narrowing down the musicians to nine was no easy task for the esteemed judges, but fortunately the Festival will be held annually, giving many young musicians a chance to participate.

I am fully aware of the wider importance the estate and classical music festival for the cultural heritage of Georgia and the Caucasus region. As one of the hubs of the Georgian wine industry it also serves an important commercial purpose. I feel hugely privileged to be part of this event, and look forward to hearing our young stars perform in September in Tsinandali!

*The winners are: Sezim Duishenbaeva (violin); Aizhan Yermukhanova (violin); Botagoz Khalyk (violin); Dauren Zhumash (violin); Maxat Nurlanov (violin); Aidos Khamitov (Double Bass); Aliaskar Salikov (horn); Alisher Sleimankul (horn); Zhasulan Abdlykalykov (horn);