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On Wednesday I am looking forward to participating in one of Kazakhstan’s showpiece business conferences, the Almaty Investment Forum. I will be talking about the critical importance of education, science and why businesses and investors should consider these the building blocks of sustainable progress. It also offers an opportunity to highlight the fantastic economic success story that is Kazakhstan.

This year will see a record number of foreign investors and businesses in attendance. This pays testament to the potential the world is starting to see in Kazakhstan. I recently wrote of how the country is heading to the front of the emerging economies pack and a bustling investment conference in the heart of Almaty, with business figures from across the globe, is the best representation of just how well we’re doing.

If we are to keep this momentum going, then it is vital for businesses and government to collaborate on improving the quality of education services, as well as scientific innovation. We have done so much in Kazakhstan to manoeuvre ourselves ahead, but only by offering high quality in these three areas will we be able to stay there.

One particular passion of mine is a form of education called project-based learning, which I feel will pay rich dividends in Kazakhstan’s long-term economic future. In September last year, High Tech Academy in Almaty opened its doors, demonstrating a different, practical and problem-solving based approach to learning. This form of teaching equips the workers of tomorrow with the skills they need to excel in business and entrepreneurship and will prove crucial in seeing Kazakhstan further flourish and prosper.

Scientific innovation is another area where we are starting to see incredible progress. Within Kusto Agro, we have partnered with some of America’s largest and most innovative agri-businesses. This has seen the introduction of highly efficient irrigation systems and enhanced use of big data and real-time monitoring to improve yields and deliver world class agricultural produce. Continued innovation of this sort will prove essential in effectively diversifying the Kazakh economy away from sole dependence on oil & gas.

In Kazakhstan, as in Kusto Group, we are already reaping the benefits of these new approaches and desire to innovate with a purpose. I look forward to sharing these ideas and learning new ones at today’s Forum and see how we can keep the progress going.